As the 2nd edition of the Styla Xperience is getting closer, we look forward to spending a day full of exciting keynote speeches, practical workshops, and constructive discussions with you. Like last year, it is our goal to bring technology pioneers, innovators, and experts together to share their experiences, discuss trends, and debate.

KEYNOTESListen to experts and get insights into their work with digital experiences
WORKSHOPSParticipate in hands-on workshops that teach you to challenge the status quo
NETWORKMeet the who’s who of the industry and casually extend your network
LOADS OF FUNEnter a unique location and enjoy fantastic drinks and a great dinner

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Join us for a new, unique Xperience and a day full of productive exchange and networking among top experts and industry pioneers. Gain valuable insights and meet the who’s who of the Digital Experience industry, while casually extending your network.


Styla Xperience 2018

Styla Xperience 2019

Gain first-hand insights on how to uphold loyal Gen Z customers in a world, where competitors can be everywhere at once. Hone your skills with the lessons learned from industry veterans and get helpful recommendations for your own business.